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cameo jewelry, Hummingbird Brooch - Cameo Statement Pin - Gift for Hummingbird Lover - Pin or Pendant - Cameo Brooch for Women



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Hummin cameo pingbird brooch. A dimen cameo pinsion cameo pinal cameo brooch with an cameo pintiqued gold plated settin cameo pings with a layed effect. The pretty resin cameo pin hummin cameo pingbird cameo is black an cameo pind creme. Accen cameo pinted with bezel set faux pearls. The pin cameo pinback has a bail so it can cameo pin also be worn cameo pin as a pen cameo pindan cameo pint. This piece measures 2 1/2 in cameo pinches lon cameo ping.This would make a great hummin cameo pingbird lover gift. A gift box is in cameo pincluded.

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