Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Style + fashion necklace meet fun necklacection necklace with this stylish 3-in necklace-1 con necklacevertible n necklaceecklace. Keep your mask within necklace reach at all times, makin necklaceg it super easy to take on necklace/off in necklace secon necklaceds. Just hook the chain necklace to the ear loops of your essen necklacetial face coverin necklaceg an necklaced off you go! When necklace you\u2019re n necklaceot wearin necklaceg it with a mask style this 3-in necklace-1 piece in necklaceto a n necklaceecklace or chain necklace for your eyeglasses, sun necklaceglasses or readers. This piece will be on necklacee of the best accessories you purchase this year!\u2022 con necklacevertible mask n necklaceecklace\u2022 compatible with most face masks\u2022 turquoise howlite cross + faceted glass beads\u2022 in necklacecludes two removable plastic con necklacen necklaceectors to wear as a sun necklaceglass strap/lan necklaceyard\u2022 face coverin necklaceg/mask n necklaceot in necklacecluded\u2022 24\u201d len necklacegth\u2022 n necklaceon necklacereturn necklaceable/fin necklaceal sale\u2022 n necklaceo medical claims made\u2022 slight variation necklaces due to the in necklacedividuality of beads used in necklace each piece\u2022 Disclaimers: Per CDC ( guidelin necklacees for high-touch items, clean necklace an necklaced disin necklacefect the n necklaceecklace after each use. This n necklaceecklace for face coverin necklaceg(s) is n necklaceot in necklaceten necklaceded for medical use an necklaced should n necklaceot be used (1) in necklace an necklacey surgical settin necklaceg or where sign necklaceifican necklacet exposure to bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected; (2) in necklace a clin necklaceical settin necklaceg where the in necklacefection necklace risk level through in necklacehalation necklace exposure is high; or (3) in necklace the presen necklacece of a high in necklaceten necklacesity heat source or flammable gas. We make n necklaceo warran necklaceties, express or implied, that the use of this face coverin necklaceg chain necklace preven necklacets in necklacefection necklace or the tran necklacesmission necklace of viruses or diseases.

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