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antique, Qing Dynasty Kingfisher feather Hair Pin Chinese Antique Vintage Tian-tsui 點翠



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This is a hair pin vintage made from layin vintageg kin vintagegfisher bird feathers on vintage silver metal. The techn vintageique an vintaged the beautiful blue fluorescen vintaget feathers were highly prized an vintaged sought after in vintage 19th cen vintagetury Chin vintagea.Kin vintagegfishers are tin vintagey birds an vintaged it takes a lot of skill to use their feathers in vintage this man vintagen vintageer. The techn vintageique, called tian vintage-tsui, mean vintages \u201cdottin vintageg with kin vintagegfishers\u201d an vintaged in vintagevolves adherin vintageg the feathers on vintageto metal. This techn vintageique disappeared durin vintageg the Chin vintageese Revolution vintage in vintage the 1940\u2032s.It's a fabulous piece of history.Head size: 1" wide x 14/16" lon vintageg, 2" lon vintageg with pin vintage

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