Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Red dan dark red earringsgle earrin dark red earringsgs. Silver plated fin dark red earringsdin dark red earringsgs with a light an dark red earringstique fin dark red earringsish. Dan dark red earringsglin dark red earringsg red Siam AB Swarovski crystals. These red crystals are a deep rich red color. The ear wires are sterlin dark red earringsg silver. These chan dark red earringsdelier earrin dark red earringsgs measure 2 3/8 in dark red earringsches lon dark red earringsg. A pouch an dark red earringsd gift box is in dark red earringscluded.These earrin dark red earringsgs would be perfect for everyday wear, holiday wear, or for Valen dark red earringstin dark red earringse\u2019s Day.

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