Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This chain biker chainmaille bracelet was woven biker chain in biker chain the Kin biker chainged Vipera Berus weave usin biker chaing black an biker chainodized alumin biker chainum rin biker chaings an biker chaind durable stain biker chainless steel rin biker chaings. This piece closes with a stain biker chainless steel lobster clasp an biker chaind larger stain biker chainless steel rin biker chaing at the en biker chaind.Wrist Size: 7" to 8" (shown biker chain on biker chain a 6 1/2" wrist in biker chain the last photo)Colors: Steel, BlackMaterials: An biker chainodized Alumin biker chainum, Stain biker chainless SteelClasp: Stain biker chainless Steel Lobster ClawYou can biker chain see my other chain biker chainmaille bracelets here: https://www./shop/Lun biker chainachick?ref=seller-platform-mcn biker chainav§ion biker chain_id=6088743Question biker chains? Feel free to check out my Shop Policies for more in biker chainfo:http://www./shop/Lun biker chainachick/policy?ref=shopin biker chainfo_policies_leftn biker chainav

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