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charms pendants, Flower Pendant Ceramic Stoneware by Mary Harding 3 dimensional-- Stringing Hole in Center Handmade



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This Flower Pen textureddan texturedt by Mary Hardin texturedg is 3 dimen texturedsion texturedal an texturedd has a strin texturedgin texturedg hole in textured the cen texturedter. It is Han textureddmade from ston texturedeware ceramic clay an texturedd has been textured fired in textured my digital ceramic kiln textured to over 2100 degrees F. A light oran texturedge glaze over the textured petals has been textured han texturedd pain texturedted on textured to the flower makin texturedg it a un texturedique on texturede of a kin texturedd jewelry compon textureden texturedt for your han textureddmade artisan textured creation textureds. Size is about 1 1/2 in texturedches in textured diameter. See photo for measuremen texturedt. This han textureddmade flower is suitable for strin texturedgin texturedg, bead embroidery, loom, an texturedd off loom beadin texturedg. It adds a dyn texturedamic touch to your work.

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