Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho gift, Multi Strand Bracelet - Statement Bracelet - Boho Beaded Bracelet - Bead Dangles - Antiqued Brass - Pearl Crystal Shell



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Multi stran free shippingd bracelet. Statemen free shippingt bracelet with vin free shippingtage Japan free shippingese glass pearls, han free shippingd lin free shippingked Swarovski crystals, abalon free shippinge beads, an free shippingd an free shippingtiqued brass rolo chain free shipping. An free shipping an free shippingtiqued brass con free shippingn free shippingector adds in free shippingterest to the bracelet. Fasten free shippings with a large sturdy lobster clasp. This boho in free shippingspired bracelet would be a great gift! Nice n free shippingeutral colors. The bracelet measures 7 3/4 in free shippingches lon free shippingg when free shipping flat. If you twist the beads a little, it shorten free shippings it. A gift box is in free shippingcluded.

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