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antique brooch, Antique Virgin Mary Religious Brooch Hand Painted 800 Silver With Turquoise SS24



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An antique religioustique Religious Brooch Virgin antique religious Mary Han antique religiousd Pain antique religiousted 800 Silver With TurquoiseTHIS is a stun antique religiousn antique religiousin antique religiousg fin antique religiouse han antique religiousd-pain antique religiousted min antique religiousiature featurin antique religiousg Our Blessed Mother the Virgin antique religious Mary. She is fin antique religiousely pain antique religiousted in antique religious shades of blue, white an antique religiousd peach. Exquisite, perfectly executed detail.The beautiful filigree an antique religiousd turquoise settin antique religiousg is marked "800" an antique religiousd can antique religious be worn antique religious as either a pen antique religiousdan antique religioust or a brooch.Measures 1 3/4 in antique religiousches tall, 1 9/16 in antique religiousches tall.Peace be with you always.

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