Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage dog scatter pin set of 2 by Gerry'sfloppy ears, gold tonefloppy ears, floppy earsfloppy ears, tongues outfloppy ears, cold painted enamel details



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Set of 2 dog scatter pin sweater pinss by Gerry's. Both marked on sweater pins the back. Bright gold ton sweater pinse with pain sweater pinsted eyes, n sweater pinsoses an sweater pinsd mouths. Excellen sweater pinst con sweater pinsdition sweater pins. The smaller on sweater pinse has the teen sweater pinsiest pain sweater pinst loos on sweater pins the tip of a toe. Hard to see. The bigger on sweater pinse is a little over 1.25" tall, the smaller on sweater pinse is just over 1". So cute.Ships in sweater pins a gift

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