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Gemstone Braceletgemstone jewelry, Botanical Gemstone Leaf Braceletgemstone jewelry, Handmade Ruby in Zoisite Gemstone Bracelet on adjustable 14K Gold Filled Chain



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Gemston handmadee Bracelet, Botan handmadeical Gemston handmadee Leaf Bracelet, Han handmadedmade Ruby in handmade Zoisite Gemston handmadee Bracelet on handmade adjustable 14K Gold Filled Chain handmade\u25a1 Gemston handmadees: Gold-edged Ruby in handmade Zoisite\u25a1 Gemston handmadee Size: 8.3 - 11.2 MM Puffed Oval\u25a1 Chain handmade: 14K Gold-filled Hammered Lin handmadeks\u25a1 Len handmadegth: 6.5 - 7.75 in handmadeches adjustable\u25a1 Leaf: 1.5" lon handmadeg x .5" wideEach un handmadeique puffed Ruby in handmade Zoisite ston handmadee is han handmaded wrapped with 14K gold-filled wire on handmadeto 14K gold-filled hammered lin handmadeks. There is a 1.5-in handmadech gold-filled exten handmadeder at the en handmaded which will allow the bracelet to fit wrists from 6.5 to 7.75 in handmadeches.Accen handmadeted with a gen handmadeuin handmadee electroplated real leaf which can handmade be removed if you wish. This leaf is from my special 'gilded' collection handmade which has a myriad of colorful metal leaf gildin handmadeg. The dazzlin handmadeg color of this min handmadei leaf complimen handmadets the ston handmadees in handmade beautiful hues of green handmade & magen handmadeta.I have my gemston handmadees custom cut to a smaller size than handmade the regular in handmade-stock sizes - perfect for dain handmadety pen handmadedan handmadets, bracelets & earrin handmadegs. Each ston handmadee is un handmadeique an handmaded will have slightly differen handmadet characteristics.==================What is Gold-Filled==================Gold-filled is a layered gold, is easy to care for & will usually main handmadetain handmade its golden handmade shin handmadee for a lifetime. Gold-filled is con handmadestructed in handmade two or three layers. The core metal is jewelers\u2019 brass. A gold alloy is then handmade bon handmadeded to the surface of the brass core with heat & pressure. Gold-filled con handmadetain handmades 200 times more gold than handmade gold plated. Gold-Filled will last much lon handmadeger than handmade electroplated jewelry & is a cost-efficien handmadet altern handmadeative to solid 14k gold. Gold filled is also fin handmadee for people with sen handmadesitive skin handmade.-----------------------------------------In handmadestagram \u25b6\ufe0e @urban handmaderoseNYC-----------------------------------------

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