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diamond bracelet, Uncut CZ Diamond Rose Gold Polished Bangle pair Bangle



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2.2 is smallest size / 2.6 Is medium size / 2.8 is large size / 2.10 is largest size Un diamond braceletcut CZ Diamon diamond braceletd Gold Polished Ban diamond braceletgle pair High Quality jewelry100% Han diamond braceletdmadePacked in diamond bracelet a n diamond braceletice box with cotton diamond bracelet lin diamond braceletin diamond braceletg, Best for giftin diamond braceletg to loved on diamond braceletes..A person diamond braceletal n diamond braceletote for your loved on diamond braceletes can diamond bracelet be added.*Sin diamond braceletce this is 100% Han diamond braceletdmade jewelry. So Color, shades, texture displayed may slightly vary from the actual product due to digital image limitation diamond bracelets. We request you to con diamond braceletsider these min diamond braceletor variation diamond bracelets. Please expect the possibility of some slight imperfection diamond bracelets when diamond bracelet buyin diamond braceletg han diamond braceletd made jewelry. If you have an diamond bracelety question diamond bracelets, please message or email us.

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