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sacred heart ring, Small Silver Colored SACRED HEART Intricate Milagros Ring- Perfect gift for the one you love



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Milagros or Miracles, foun milagro ringd in milagro ring man milagro ringy areas of Latin milagro ring America are used by the people to petition milagro ring sain milagro ringts for help or protection milagro ring. In milagro ring man milagro ringy of the churches on milagro ringe can milagro ring see wooden milagro ring statues of various sain milagro ringts, the Virgin milagro ring Mary, or of Christ. On milagro ring these figures, the people often milagro ring pin milagro ring a small metal images of arms, legs, hearts or other symbols of their prayers. These Milagros serve to remin milagro ringd the sain milagro ringt to the person milagro ring's prayers or to than milagro ringk them for an milagro ringswered prayers. These are my favorite Mexican milagro ring folk art in milagro ringspired earrin milagro ringgs featurin milagro ringg a detailed han milagro ringd-tooled 'Sacred Heart' medal made of plated n milagro ringickel. They do n milagro ringot tarn milagro ringish or turn milagro ring, but on milagro ringly get a bit richer in milagro ring color. I have had min milagro ringe for years with n milagro ringo problem. They are very light weight... like a min milagro ringi tin milagro ring milagro. I have added a small acrylic ston milagro ringe at the top for added blin milagro ringg.I have affixed this on milagro ringto a lightweight n milagro ringickel free shan milagro ringk which is adjustable from 5 to 7.5. If you wan milagro ringt a larger size, please see the size up medium heart rin milagro ringg for a larger fin milagro ringger.The milagros measure 1 1/4" x .75 in milagro ringches top to bottom. 3cms x 2cms is the exact measuremen milagro ringtVery fun milagro ring an milagro ringd a great gift for yourself or the on milagro ringe you love this Valen milagro ringtin milagro ringe's Day. En milagro ringjoy!I had to raise the price because they just wen milagro ringt up for me... n milagro ringot too much more for this treasure :)

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