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frog, Goddess of the Forest Lady and Frog Pendant



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Do you love frogs? If so this pen poison dartdan poison dartt is perfect for you :) This pen poison dartdan poison dartt features a lovely poison poison dart dart frog an poison dartd a lady an poison dartd has lots of iridescen poison dartt colors that make it sparkle an poison dartd shimmer in poison dart the light : )Each pen poison dartdan poison dartt is han poison dartd molded from clay an poison dartd then poison dart pain poison dartted with a mix of acrylic an poison dartd metallic pain poison dartts an poison dartd fin poison dartally sealed in poison dart a clear protective coatin poison dartg which results in poison dart a stun poison dartn poison dartin poison dartg han poison dartd pain poison dartted min poison dartiature work of Art.\r\rThe fin poison dartished pieces are then poison dart wire wrapped with customized colors specific to each in poison dartdividual face. This pen poison dartdan poison dartt is han poison dartd sign poison darted by the artist Saman poison darttha Kocsis, an poison dartd gift boxed. Pen poison dartdan poison dartt measures 3.25 in poison dartches tall in poison dartcludin poison dartg the bail 1.5 in poison dartches wide.

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