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handblown, Hand Blown Glass Aqua Butterfly Pendant



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Size is approximately 3/4" to 1" wide\r\rPen glassdan glasst comes with free black satin glass cord!\r\rMade of Borosilicate Glass\r\rThis in glasstricate lampwork butterfly pen glassdan glasst sometimes makes people thin glassk that a real butterfly an glassd flower are really trapped in glassside the glass! In glass reality I crafted it completely out of clear an glassd colored glass. I roun glassd out the fron glasst to achieve a len glasss-like effect that makes the butterfly an glassd flower look in glasscredibly three dimen glasssion glassal.\r\rPlease n glassote that you will n glassot receive the exact item pictured, but a un glassique piece very similar to it an glassd just as beautiful.

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