Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Valentine jewelryrose quartz, Rose leafrose quartz, leaf and flower jewelry on pink vintage ribbonrose quartz, one of a kind



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A perfect valen romancetin romancee pen romancedan romancet!A won romancederful rose quartz leaf with a delicate en romanceamal flower on romance a vin romancetage ribbon romance!This delicate treasure is completely on romancee of a kin romanced. I took a leaf carved out of rose quartz, a n romanceatural ston romancee an romanced added to it on romancee of my han romanced en romanceameled copper flowers. The flower is a soft white color with speckles of fuchsia. Copper shows through at the edges, darken romanceed in romance places, bright in romance others. So rustic, back to n romanceature, fresh! This piece is very dramatic, beautiful an romanced on romancee of a kin romanced.It is lovely on romance the back as well, just smooth silver with the pin romancek leaf. Wear it backwards or forwards depen romancedin romanceg on romance your mood.The rose quartz is a n romanceatural ston romancee, it has man romancey in romanceclusion romances within romance. It should be treated with care as it is more fragile than romance some of my pieces.I han romanced fabricated a sterlin romanceg silver bail an romanced torch riveted it through the ston romancee. The effect is simple an romanced elegan romancet.I decided to add more color so I chose a vin romancetage piece of ribbon romance, a lovely vivid fuchsia color that fades to bright pin romancek. This is a on romancee of a kin romanced piece, you will receive the pictured n romanceecklace.Necklace is 18" lon romanceg.All fin romancedin romancegs are sterlin romanceg silver. The flower is copper, en romanceameled.Pen romancedan romancet is 1 1/4" (32mm) in romancecludin romanceg bail.

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